Feng Shui Tips for Sounds

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Feng Shui Tips for Sounds

  The psychic, Edgar Cayce, famous for his intuitive studies during the earlier half of the 20th century, predicted sound would become the medicine of the future. Sound healing is becoming an important component in complementary healing modalities. Drumming circles, chanting concerts, toning sessions, as well as singing bowls, tuning forks, and gongs, have all […]


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Get Rid of Stuff And Create Your Dreams

I have always been fascinated by the process of creating what we desire into physical form. And my work with others often involves assisting them to do just that. It may be assisting someone in finding a new love or new job, increase financial prosperity or improve well-being. My specialty involves not only personal explorations […]


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Feng Shui Tips: What is clutter?

One of the most commons issues I encounter in my work with clients is clutter. Even a pristine space can be clutter by its feng shui definition. In feng shui, clutter is stagnant chi. It’s the result of things we don’t use, wear or need that lurk in closets, cupboards, drawers, basements, garages and attics. […]


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Feng Shui Tips For Creating More Flow

                    Use these simple tips to address lack of motivation, lethargy, and procrastination and get things moving again! Be sure all doors open completely. This includes closets, cupboards, wardrobes, and entrances. Keep hallways, pathways, and furniture placement unobstructed. 36” of space is ideal.  Create a focal […]


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Feng Shui Tips: 5 Ways to Enliven Space

Our spaces get “quieter” during the winter months partially related to less daylight. For those who need some extra oomph during this time, try these suggestions: Replace silk & dried flowers with live plants Add moving water near the front entrance (inside or out). To keep fountains going during winter, insert a bird bath heater. […]


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Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing

  Living things add vitality and a vibrancy that is difficult to duplicate with substitutes. Generally, the further one moves away from the origin of something, the lower it’s vitality.  For example, a live plant is exponentially more vibrant than it’s silk counterpart.  Hand-made art is more “alive”  than machine made.  Organic cheddar cheese is […]


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What is Feng Shui? A Radio Interview

Recently, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Teri Williams’ Empower Radio Show. It was fun and I had an opportunity to talk about one of my favorite subjects. To listen listen to the podcast click this: Catherine Hilker’s interview. If you have a feng shui question, please feel free to post it […]


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Anchoring Your Intentions

We can recite all the affirmations in the world.  However, without appropriate action, our wants will stay dreams. That’s why it’s important to move our desires from thoughts  (electro-magnetic wave) to actions (physical plane). In addition, it’s important to make our thoughts “real” by creating a physical representation of our goals. This is why you’ll […]


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The Feng Shui of Office Cubicles

I had the opportunity to make  suggestions to improve the feng shui of a typical office cube. We simply  cleared up clutter, added a mirror behind the laptop (because the occupant’s back faced the entrance), and added chi enhancers. Viola, here it is! Before: After:


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Quickly Disperse Looping Thoughts

Here’s a simple exercise that assists in quieting the mind, especially for those nagging looping thoughts. Sound familiar? Place your backside against a wall and lower yourself as if sitting on a chair. Be sure your knees are over your ankles. Hold this pose for 10 – 20 seconds. If you can do it longer, […]


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