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Catherine's Personal Altar

Catherine's Home Altar

One of the simplest ways to create sacred space in your home (or office) is through a personal altar. Not only are personal altars significant, they are a great way to anchor your intentions in life. My current altar contains a buddha statue (a gift), a peace candle (also a gift), a metal singing bowl (another gift!) and flowers from our garden. When I walk past this altar with the my beeswax votive burning, I feel a deep connection to life, a sense of purpose and joy. All that from a few treasured objects placed together in a significant way!

Altars can contain anything that is meaningful and can represent anything you wish. For example, you may collect treasures from a vacation for an altar about having fun and cultivating play in your life. Another idea is an altar representing significant relationships with photos and objects relevant to the individuals you are honoring. If you’d like to tap into more creativity in your life, your altar may contain pencils, journals, paints, cool art…etc.

Creating an altar is an inspiring way to cultivate your creative juices and anchor your intentions. I encourage you to give it a whirl!