Winter Reflection

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Winter Reflection


January 14th, 2019 read more

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Teachers And Mentors In My Life

  One of the themes in my life based on my Human Design is the richness that comes from my focus on gratitude and dedication. As I reflected on these words, I was reminded of  the many teachers and mentors who assisted me in growing and learning. These are a few of them: Jeff Moskow: […]


September 20th, 2013 read more

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Discomfort Continued…

  Once again. I’m finding myself in an uncomfortable and strange place that started showing up last fall with regularity. It was so noticeable, I wrote about it here. Because I’m finding myself agitated lately and especially today, I decided to stop everything and do a short meditation. The best meditative practice for me is listening to […]


August 20th, 2013 read more

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Tapping Into Joy

  “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” -Joseph Campbell I’m finding myself experiencing moments of pure joy on a regular basis. I don’t have a formula for it, it just seems to happen. That doesn’t mean all the focused work I’ve done on growing, stretching, […]


August 22nd, 2012 read more

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The Designated A@#Holes

One of my friends on twitter posted this: “Every person we meet is our teacher and our student. Everyone plays a role in our lives and we play a role in theirs.” When I read this, I was immediately reminded of the people in our lives I call the designated a@#holes. I use the term […]


November 29th, 2011 read more

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As Above, So Below

I recently experienced a phase of melancholy which I mentioned in my most recent newsletter. In addition, a good friend invited me to do a spiritual talk on 11/11/11 as it is a significant date from a numerology perspective. Although it didn’t work out to accept the speaking engagement, the request and my place of […]


November 09th, 2011 read more

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When Life Deals Lemons Make Chicken Soup

I recently posted this on twitter: “What I know for sure? Nothing…” In hindsight, that’s not exactly true. What I know for sure is stuff happens that’s totally out of my control. And truth be known, what I can control in life is a small percentage. Included in that small percentage is my reaction to […]


October 05th, 2011 read more

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5 Simple Tips To Move Stuck Energy

Feeling stuck, unmotivated or uninspired? Yeah, it happens! What can you do to move energy? Try these simple tips. Donate 5 items to a non profit Rearrange the art in one room Empty out one file drawer Add a new plant in one room Delete 20 old documents on your hard drive Feel better now?


May 11th, 2011 read more

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The Power of Words

Keeping in mind the power of words, consider reviewing some common ones that communicate in a dis-empowering way. Maybe translation: “fat chance.” A better choice is Definitely. Try translation: “If I feel like it.” A better choice is Will. I wish translation:  “In some other fantasy world.” A better choice is I am. Want translation: […]


June 23rd, 2010 read more

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The 5 Love Languages

    I’ve recently been reminded of  The 5 Love Languages, a great book that simplifies the actions that demonstrate love to others.  The book specifically addresses love relationships, however, this approach applies to all relationships. The jist is that there are 5 general behavioral categories. They are: Love Language #1: Words of Affirmation. There […]


February 22nd, 2010 read more