Cultivating Stillness & The Season of Winter

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Cultivating Stillness & The Season of Winter

Here’s a link to my December Newsletter: Living In The Eye of the Hurricane


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Desk Feng Shui: Are You Up Against The Wall?

….literally? More and more people are working from home and have income producing home offices.  By that I mean, the home office is used for generating their livelihood. In my work with others, this is what I often see: More often than not, the desk will be placed against the wall like the above and […]


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Feng Shui Element of Metal

Add some creative juices to your space by incorporating the element of metal.  Metal is associated with mental energy.  Think of it as the process of collecting the initial spark of genius (yes you!) and turning that genius into something physical. Chi Qualities:Focus, concentration,structure, precision, mental clarity, and logic. Metal is represented by the colors […]


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25 Random Things About Me

1.  I was born on a Thursday.  I am the oldest of 6 siblings, three brothers and two sisters.  Both my sisters live out of state…boo! 3.  I am a double gemini which means I’m in my head a lot. 4.  I graduated from college summa cum laude while working full time.  My employer at […]


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Today is Year 28!!!

It’s hard to believe Martin and I have been married for 28 years….how can I be old enough to be married that long?! The years have just flown by. And tonight at dinner we will do our annual toast, “To One More Year!!!”


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Life Lessons From Millie The Dog

I was chatting with my sister about her dog Millie.The occasion was prompted by our discussion about Ginger, my brother’s dog who is ill.We both felt very sad about Ginger’s ill health especially knowing that her death will be very hard for our young nieces who are a part of Ginger’s family. Millie is even […]


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The Importance of Laughing

Recently I attended a collage workshop in Northern Michigan. (see post dated May 29) The morning I was scheduled to leave, I received some very shocking news about someone dear to my husband and me. The news was so shocking, I had a very difficult time packing and pulling together the supplies I needed to […]


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