A Short Ramble on Prosperity!

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A Short Ramble on Prosperity!

There are numerous sensational stories of people making feng shui changes and then “miracles” show up. As such, I’m often asked to make suggestions for improving financial prosperity. However, I’m a believer in miracles AND reality. Improving financial prosperity is a process that requires dedicated commitment. The miracles are a result of dedicated commitment. The […]


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Clear Quartz As A Feng Shui Resource

  When using Feng Shui techniques, the most important component is being very clear about your intentions. When you know what you want, you’ll understand what you need to do. In some cases, it will be appropriate to use one or more of the five elements or it will be necessary to address clutter. Other […]


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Anchoring Your Intentions

We can recite all the affirmations in the world.  However, without appropriate action, our wants will stay dreams. That’s why it’s important to move our desires from thoughts  (electro-magnetic wave) to actions (physical plane). In addition, it’s important to make our thoughts “real” by creating a physical representation of our goals. This is why you’ll […]


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The Science of Spirituality

This is a fabulous NPR series called The Science of Spirituality.   Check it out!


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The Path of Least Resistance

“Energy moves along the path of least resistance and any change you attempt to make in your life will not work if the path of least resistance does not lead in that direction.” – Robert Fritz


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Staying In Gratitute When Shit Hits The Fan

I live in the Detroit, Michigan area.  This area has been experiencing economic stress for at least a  couple years now.  In addition, the recent auto industry financial crisis has shaken most residents of this area to their core.  If the domestic auto industry fails, the truth is it will likely take Detroit down with […]


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An Inspiring Video: Wear Sunscreen



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Cultivating Inner Feng Shui

One of the best ways to create flow is when your inner feng shui (self) and outer feng shui (space) are harmonious. The goal being who we are on the inside is what is represented in our physical spaces. Another approach to inner feng shui, is exploring the feng shui spokes of the wheel of […]


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The Importance Of Creating Sacred, Inspiring Spaces

I don’t watch, read or listen to the news .  I choose not to be part of the fear and lack that most news stories focus on.  That doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on and what I’m choosing to do isn’t making a difference in the world.  It’s unproductive for me to tap […]


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Manifesting and Clutter

I have always been fascinated by the process of creating what we desire into physical form. And my work with others often involves assisting them to do just that. It may be assisting someone in finding a new love or new job, increase financial prosperity or improve well-being. My specialty involves not only personal explorations […]


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