The Importance of Removing Physical Blocks in Your Space

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The Importance of Removing Physical Blocks in Your Space

In my work (and in my own life), I often find a direct correlation between what’s going on in a person’s life and it’s physical representation in the home. For example, I consulted with a successful business woman who had all the exterior symbols of success. She had a lovely home, beautiful furnishings and an […]


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It is Alive!

“Science is saying that everything that vibrates possesses intelligence & everything vibrates. And there’s a central intelligence that everything vibrates to.” – Lynne McTaggert, from her book, “The Field” One of the three tenets of Feng Shui, everything is alive, is being illuminated by Marie Kondo’s books and Netflix series called “Tidying Up.” At first, […]


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The Words You Speak…


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The Zen of Simplicity

“A simple life is its own reward” — George Santayana The opposite of simplicity is complexity and a complex life is prone to too many responsibilities that create stress, anxiety and pressure. Our culture is rampant with complexities: too many choices, too much to do, too many commitments, too little time, too little resources, too […]


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Make Your Own Clearing Spray

Here’s my personal favorite recipe for making my own clearing spray for my home using high quality essential oils. In a 4 oz spray bottle add: purified water 15 drops of Frankincense 15 drops of Peppermint 10 drops of Spruce 10 drops of Lavender And if you want to get super fancy, add your favorite […]


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Stagnant Vs. Vibrant Energy

Taking good care of our spaces creates vibrant energy while neglect creates stagnant energy. Stagnant chi not only impacts it’s residents, it also impact the neighbors.


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Feng Shui Tips for Lighting

  Lighting has an important function in feng shui.In addition to providing illumination, lightingprovides comfort, safety, mood, ambiance, and can influence the chi quality. Poor lighteningdepletes personal chi and great lightening enhances it. To enhance comfort choose reading lamps that properly align at eye level while seated. Ideally your space is flooded with plenty of […]


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Feng Shui Elements For Personal Development

Use the element of wood to nourish confidence, personal freedom, drive and strategic planning. Use the element of fire to nourish enthusiasm, social activities, warmth, passion and charisma. Use the element of earth to nourish stability, grounding, a sense of belonging, and reliability. Use the element of metal to nourish efficiency, precision, strengthening boundaries, being […]


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Take the Heat Out of Summer

In Feng Shui, summer is a fire season, which means its hot temperatures make the fire element more intense. As with anything in life, too much of a good thing can be unhealthy. Let’s explore fire in more detail. The Energy of Fire Fire is vibrant, enthusiastic, warm and expansive.  It is social and playful, […]


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Quick Feng Shui Tips for Buying a Home

Make sure the backyard does not slope away from the front yard, otherwise an adjustment to redirect chi is necessary. Avoid purchasing a home that sits directly in front of a T-Junction. Avoid purchasing a home that sits on property below grade to the main road (like a bowl). Not only will this create water […]


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