Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

Although it snowed here in Michigan on the spring equinox, technically it’s spring! And there is evidence of it….birds and squirrels are active, the days are noticeably longer and dare I say there’s more sunshine?! Spring is about the new; new beginnings, new growth, new ideas, etc. It’s also about cultivation. What is sown in the spring, is harvested later in the year. So it’s no surprise, there’s focus on cleaning and purging clutter. By doing so, you are creating space for the new to come into your life.

There is no better time of the year to tackle clutter. The lively energy of spring is a perfect match for that much needed project that requires more “juice” from ourselves to get off the ground. In addition to filling up our lives and creating stagnant energy (see post dated March 13, 2008), clutter has symbolic qualities. Where clutter collects often represents very tellings things about ourselves. In feng shui, clutter has specific meaning based on where its located.

  • Front Entrance – restricting the flow of opportunities, keeping others away
  • Attics – limiting higher aspirations
  • Basements – living in the past
  • Behind Doors – restricting the flow of opportunities
  • Out of sight – over emphasis on appearances
  • All over – self loathing

My own personal relationship with clutter has changed dramatically when I became an feng shui expert. I just wasn’t in touch with the unhealthy qualities inherent in clutter. Most times, I found clutter very disturbing yet I found a way to ignore it. Eventually, I could no longer resist the pull I felt and addressed it. Now that I’m more ‘hip’ to its negative effects, I’ve diligently tamed the beast! And my life is noticeably better for it.