Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living




Expressing your creativity is one way to add vibrant chi in your space.  Creative expression takes on many forms whether it’s writing, problem solving, cooking, building or fixing something, decorating, and doing art projects.  Here are some tips to get your creative juices flowing:


  • Add the element of metal. Metal is associated with birthing anything new, is related to all things associated with the mind, and is expressed as the quality of joy.
  • Make space for your creative expression.  Ensure your desk, drafting table, or work surface has plenty of room for your creative project.
  • Purge the old. While you’re waiting for the new to arrive, getting rid of the old helps set the stage for what is to come. This may include purging pictures of an old lover or donating clothes from an old job.
  • Add a piece of creative inspiration to your work surface. Nothing gets those creative juices flowing better than looking at something that makes your heart sing.
  • Generate literal room for the new. Empty a file drawer, a cupboard, or make space in a closet. This action broadcasts your intention of welcoming the new into your life.
  • Add elements from nature. Images of water, actual rocks, plants, and natural light are all good choices.
  • Spritz your space with your favorite scents. Add a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottle filled with filtered water.
  • Incorporate a physical representation of your goals. Make a manifestation collage or snap a picture of what you want to own. In addition, prominently display an affirmation stated in the present tense.