Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

In my work (and in my own life), I often find a direct correlation between what’s going on in a person’s life and it’s physical representation in the home. For example, I consulted with a successful business woman who had all the exterior symbols of success. She had a lovely home, beautiful furnishings and an orderly overall appearance. Her walk-in closet was another story which prompted a conversation between us. She admitted that on the outside she appeared calm and together, yet inside herself she often felt chaotic. Her home reflected this statement. Everything that was open for public viewing was orderly and together, however, her private closet that no one saw but her, was in chaos.

There are many translations between how we experience life and how those experiences show up in our homes and businesses. Blocked energy in your space may be experienced in life as going against the current, going around in circles, inability to make desired changes, and feeling weighted down. Because our homes are physical representations of ourselves, if we are feeling stuck or blocked, their physical expression may look like the following bullet points.

* Doors and drawers that don’t open completely, are in need of repair, or are not used.
* Hallways, walkways, and doorways that are congested with objects, furnishings, and clutter.
* Overgrown bushes, trees and vegetation.
* Garages, basements and attics filled with unused items.
* Passageways narrowed with furniture.
* Closets and cupboards filled to capacity.
* Oversized furniture in small spaces.
* Clothes, shoes, accessories that are not worn.
* An over abundance of toys, electronics, televisions, books, collections, etc.
* Anything broken or in need of repair.

The approaching season of winter (yikes, it will be here before we know it!), is an ideal time to address any issues of stuck energy in the home. The season of winter is quieter than others and is naturally aligned with looking inward. Winter also gets us ready for spring, the time of year that bursts forth with new growth and change.

In getting started, chose the area that is the “loudest”. In other words, the project or task that has been the most nagging. By addressing the most annoying task first, it often provides the support to continue tackling the rest of the project. When addressing any project, it helps to solicit the support of friends and family to stay committed. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Have reasonable expectations in setting time lines to meet your goals. The best way to make permanent change is to be consistent, persistent, dedicated and loving. Your body will thank you and so will your home!