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Photo courtesy of The Culinary Geek.

I recently posted this on twitter: “What I know for sure? Nothing…” In hindsight, that’s not exactly true. What I know for sure is stuff happens that’s totally out of my control. And truth be known, what I can control in life is a small percentage. Included in that small percentage is my reaction to things.

As an emotionally based person, which is about 50% of the population, I can choose how I respond to experiences. (Well, sort of!) If I had to say there’s a recurring challenge in my life, it’s been to consciously activate a “pause” button before I respond to life’s ups and downs.  I have a responsibility to be mindful when expressing my emotions because the other 50% is not emotionally based and often experiences my emotions as their own.

When I’m experiencing the low end of the emotional cycle, I’ve learned that surrendering to the experience is the most courageous thing I can do. The irony is when I resist the temptation to make my lows go away or try to “understand” them, I move out of the lows much quicker. If I choose to spend time expressing my creative side during these times, I find a place of deep connection. It’s really quite beautiful.

So instead of making lemonade out of lemons when I’m down, I’ll make chicken soup. Are you part of the 50% that experiences life through an up and down emotional wave? If yes, please share your “recipe” for chicken soup!