The Power of Words

Keeping in mind the power of words, consider reviewing some common ones that communicate in a dis-empowering way.

Maybe translation: “fat chance.” A better choice is Definitely.

Try translation: “If I feel like it.” A better choice is Will.

I wish translation:  “In some other fantasy world.” A better choice is I am.

Want translation: “In some distant future this could be true.” A better choice is Choose.

Help translation: “Let me do it because you can’t.” A better choice is Assist.

Need translation:  “I’m pathetic.” A better choice is Desire.

But A disguised way to discredit everything that precedes the word. A better choice is And.


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4 responses to "The Power of Words"
  1. Linda Anger 24/06/2010 05:39 am Reply

    Nice article, Catherine!

    I read Dr. Emoto’s book about 7 years ago, right after “What the (Blink) do We know?” was released. The entire movie works toward your point, on a variety of levels – the words that come out of our mouths, and (even before) the thoughts that generate the words.

    Another one of my favorites is the tagline for (Mike Dooley), which says, “Thoughts are Things. Choose the Good ones.”

    Make your day magnificent!


    • catherinehilker 24/06/2010 08:10 am Reply

      Thanks for your comment & stopping by Linda. One of these days we’ll actually meet in person!

  2. Randy Christenhusz 09/07/2010 23:27 pm Reply

    Wonderful post. I’ve been telling people for years that “there is no try, there is only ‘do’ and ‘will'” and this article puts the entire concept into perspective.

    This will become my “pocket guide” to reasoning 🙂

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