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While in yoga class this morning, the instructor encouraged me to make a tiny adjustment in one of my poses.  Immediately, I tapped into my core strength and as I remembered to focus on the adjustment, the rest of the class was much easier.  I could hold my poses longer,  especially ones that  take me to my edge much quicker.  I had a major aha moment today.  The tiniest of adjustments, had a profound impact on my practice.  I also realized if I make this tiny adjustment to my posture throughout the day, my regular low back soreness will evaporate.

Today’s experience reminds me of a meditation from many years ago.  As I was meditating on my own energy, I sensed the ripple effect it had on everything around me.  And though my energy was “tiny” compared to all, its impact was profound.  I had another aha moment.  I  became very aware of the responsibility I (we all) have on the world at large.  My energy adds either positive or negative energy to the world around me.  My attitude is a tiny thing yet has a HUGE impact on my experience and those around me.

Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “The Tipping Point” describes this topic very well.  He gives many examples of how little things set  in motion events that create a movement, a trend, a change in society.

This begs the question: Do I enliven or degrade those in the world around me?  Wow!  I’ll leave you with the words of Sgt. Phil Esterhaus from Hill Street Blues (remember that show?), “Let’s be careful out there.”