Desk Feng Shui: Are You Up Against The Wall?

….literally? More and more people are working from home and have income producing home offices.  By that I mean, the home office is used for generating their livelihood. In my work with others, this is what I often see:

More often than not, the desk will be placed against the wall like the above and the user will sit in this position for hours.  In this configuration, the user is literally bumping up against themselves all day long.  Ouch!

Now consider this layout:

Why is option number 2 such a better feng shui choice? One, the occupant is facing out and doesn’t have their back to the entrance. Two, the view in this configuration is open and expansive in comparison. Three, the occupant’s back is “protected” by a solid wall. Four, the occupant has direct access to natural light. Five…….you get the point.

For those with income producing home offices, consider reconfiguring your space to give you the best option for being productive and literally getting yourself “out of the wall.”

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2 responses to "Desk Feng Shui: Are You Up Against The Wall?"
  1. Carrie Roeder 26/05/2010 15:55 pm Reply

    Herman Miller applied the concept of being able to capitalize on energy flow of ideas with the introduction of the My Studio product that uniquely balances privacy & line-of-site. I met the designer Douglas Ball at a product introduction a few years ago. I was impressed by his understanding and application of Feng Shui. Good designer get it!!

  2. catherinehilker 26/05/2010 17:09 pm Reply

    I totally agree. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Herman Miller studios and clearly good feng shui is present in good design. I love Herman Miller for that and it doesn’t hurt they are based in Michigan!

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