Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

Add some creative juices to your space by incorporating the element of metal.  Metal is associated with mental energy.  Think of it as the process of collecting the initial spark of genius (yes you!) and turning that genius into something physical.

Chi Qualities:Focus, concentration,structure, precision, mental clarity, and logic.

Metal is represented by the colors of white & pastels.  Anything mined from the earth is a metal element.  These are rocks, stones, ore, crystals, etc. Metals are gold, copper, brass, iron, steel, silver, etc. The shapes denoting metal are arches, circles and ovals. Metal is associated with the direction of west and the season of autumn.

Too much metal in a space: May cause rigidity, sharpness, sarcasm, sense of being rule bound, coolness.
Too little metal in a space: May cause scatteredness, disorganization,
procrastination, avoidance.