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It may seem strange to have manifesting and forgiveness together in the subject line. In my experience, hanging on to an old hurt, a perceived injustice, or any form of victimization, blocks the full potential of creating my desires. It’s as though I’m carrying around a heavy suitcase where ever I go. I take it to work, I bring it to social events, I even sleep with it. It weighs me down and is very draining. Over time, it even creates disease.

By hanging on to the old in this way, we attract those individuals that play out our dance of victimization, hurt, and pain. We also create a warehouse of “unattractive” feelings like anger, resentment and bitterness. And not forgiving ourselves for our own perceived wrong doing to ourselves or others, can add shame and guilt to the mix. Most of us will repress these attributes about ourselves and when they come to the surface, they are likely expressed in damaging ways. Do you see how these feelings can create blocks to manifesting what we deserve in life?

“Forgiveness asks us to stop pointing our finger at the people and events in the world as the cause of our pain, and turn instead to the unforgiven thoughts in our own minds. Here we can create change, which will lead to an ever-increasing sense of inner peace.” – Michael Dawson

So the saying, “forgiveness isn’t for the other person, it’s for ourselves” rings true. Why would we choose to hang on to that baggage, weighing us down and creating ill health? For me, it’s been about wanting to be right. And it’s also been about not understanding the detrimental implications of refusing to let go. Plus, wanting to forgive and being able to, has clearly been a process and continues to be so.

In my quest to let go through forgiveness, I’ve used the Radical Forgiveness worksheet created by Colin Tipping. It’s a very thoughtful process of being clear about taking responsibility for our own choices.