Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

In my experience, it is clear that unexpressed emotions are stored in the body. In addition, we live in a culture that teaches us it is unacceptable to express certain emotions like crying, anger, etc. Many people are very uncomfortable allowing others to express their true feelings. And with good reason, we haven’t really been taught to express them in healthy ways….ways that do not direct those feelings towards others. Plus some emotions are very intense and can inflict “pain” on others. However, unexpressed emotions stored in the body, set up the opportunity for disease and ill health.

In addition to setting the stage for disease, unresolved and unexpressed emotions can create barriers to obtaining what you really want in life. So one of the ways to get what you deserve, is to address unresolved emotions….those feelings that are literally trapped in the physical body.

Some of the modalities that have worked for me are:

I encourage you to seek and invest in the techniques that assist you in releasing and expressing your feelings, your body will thank you and the earth will be a gentler and kinder place to live.