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This garden spider is living outside my bathroom window. When I first noticed it, I went back to my childhood playing a specific game of hide & seek. I hid in a small space between the house and the old oil tank (remember those?). I was proud I found such a brilliant place to hide and could squeeze into such a tiny space. Once I was settled in, I turned my head and 6 inches from my face was a spider like this. In my memory, this spider was a big as my head. It’s actual size is more like 2 1/2 inches long.

This spider reminded me of making mountains out of molehills. When I’ve responded emotionally in the moment to challenging situations, that’s exactly what I do. I’m emotionally based using the Human Design System, and I am designed to wait to respond and process situations over time before I choose how to act. As you can imagine, reacting with intense emotions in the moment, has not served me!

What I have learned by waiting is I can see a molehill is just a molehill. That’s not to say life doesn’t give us real mountains, however, if I wait mole hills stay moles hills and mountains are likely handled with grace.

By the way, spider apparently has a message for me. Read it here: Spider Medicine