Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

Ever since my husband has been out of work, I’ve had to share my office and the only  computer in the house with him.  Since previous employers provided his workstation and/or laptop, there really wasn’t a need for him to use our home workstation.  And truthfully, I became quite possessive of it!  Except for work and blogging, I didn’t realize how much I used the internet for my daily activities like looking up recipes, googling a phone number, getting directions, etc.

So you may imagine my horror (horror used only for emphasis purposes!!) when I needed to get on the internet right away and there would be a warm body sitting in my chair.  Evidently I don’t like sharing my toys….or at least that’s what I initially thought.

Once my husband decided to create his own consulting business, it was obvious he needed a dedicated space.  I asked him to think about where he wanted his office to be.  Initially, he thought of creating it in his special reading room (I can visit but’s its definitely his room!)  I also offered up my space as it’s on the main floor of the home.  Since he is the major bread winner, I asked him to choose what was best for him.  Turns out he wanted his office in the finished basement where he’d have lots of room and privacy if need be (guys love basements and garages!!!).   He decided against the reading room because that’s the one place in the home that’s just his and he uses it to relax.

That’s when I realized my office is my place in the house that’s just mine.  Turns out I can share my toys….as long as I have some place to call my own!  Having your own space is good feng shui.  It is a space that visually represents who you are and what you like.  Your dedicated space can be a place to relax, enjoy, problem solve, read, etc.

Do you have a place to call your own?  If not, I encourage you to create one, especially if it requires creativity and uses problem solving skills to do so.