Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

In my own life, cultivating stillness has been a challenge. I was born with an abundance of yang energy and movement has been my mantra! As I matured, I’ve come to embrace the wisdom of getting quiet and going into the stillness to find my own answers to life’s opportunities. Every time I’ve used this approach to make decisions, I connect to the wise Catherine, and find clarity. As I’ve acted on those choices, I’ve experienced flow in moving forward in life.

The trigram for Knowledge is still mountain and the key word is wisdom. When I use the image of a mountain as a resonance field, I connect into the solid, quiet nature that a mountain represents. In addition, I imagine the wealth of knowledge and wisdom contained within the mountain having experienced life on the planet for thousands, even millions of years.

Another important attribute to cultivating stillness for me has been breathing meditations. As I focus my awareness on extending my inhalations and exhalations, my mind chat immediately starts to quiet. The key to quieting mind chat is an essential part of going within. My very active brain begins to relax and allows better access to information contained within. Cultivating a practice of quieting my mind has been a very rewarding journey. (For some fascinating information about brains, check out  Jill Bolte Taylor )

Consider the importance of cultivating stillness. It is one path to creating a kinder and gentler world for me.