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From a feng shui perspective, here are some reasons that can make insomnia worse:

  1. Televisions – TVs are yang and fiery which is the exact opposite of the vibe for generating restful sleep and rejuvenation.
  2. Electronics – Not only can electronics be stimulating, they generate large electromagnetic fields. Until we know the impact electronic fields have on human health, keep these away from the bed. At the very least, turn everything completely off.
  3. Mirrors – Mirrors are active and bring yang energy to a space. In addition, mirrors amplify chi.
  4. The color red – In large doses, the color red can be very enlivening making sleep difficult.
  5. Heavy objects hung on the wall over the headboard. If something looks dangerous, subconsciously our bodies stay on alert.
  6. Uncomfortable pillows and mattresses. This is not only “bad” feng shui, it is imperative that backs, necks, etc. are supported properly.
  7. Lighting – As another form of the fire element, leaving lights on, light streaming in from the outside, and blue light from electronic devices all impact our body’s natural rhythms.
  8. Chandeliers, ceiling fans and beams over the bed. This is similar to #5 and chi is usually too yang from these objects.
  9. Exercise equipment – who needs a reminder to work out when trying to sleep?
  10. Office Equipment – who needs a reminder there’s work to do when  trying to sleep?