Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

Depending on what you’d like to accomplish in your space, it’s a good idea to determine if yin or yang elements are intentionally incorporated to meet your needs. Here’s a quick description:

Yin Attributes:

  • Rooms: small, lower levels, back of the home, quiet, private, low ceilings, small amount of open space
  • Colors/lighting: dim, dark, muted
  • Furnishings/decor: carpet, area rugs, textures, floral patterns, soft/padded furniture, curved/round lines, ornate, low to the floor
  • Accessories/collections/art: small scale, many pieces, dense

Yang Attributes:

  • Rooms: large, upper levels, front of the home, noisy, busy, high ceilings, grand, large expanses of open spaces
  • Colors/lighting: bright, light
  • Furnishings/decor: wood/tile/cement/stone floors, smooth/shiny surfaces, geometric patterns, hard/unpadded furniture, straight/angular lines, high off the ground
  • Accessories/collections/art: large scale, few pieces, sparse