The Importance of Views


Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Lately I’ve been really thinking about the importance of what we “see” day in and day out.  And “see” is in quotes because we  can easily become unconscious to our surroundings through our visual filtering systems.  Imagine if we didn’t have a visual filtering system when we were in the grocery store and in our daily lives.  To me, being bombarded visually all the time would be a  living nightmare!  Our visual filtering system, however, is a dual edged sword.  After a while, it’s easy to “forget” about things that may be staring us in the face!

Because of our visual filtering system, it is really important to move things around.  Moving things around makes them “new” and fresh and is an important component of feng shui.   That’s one of the reasons I love Trader Joe’s.  On a regular basis, they switch things up.  And because they do, I often notice shopping items that I’ve missed before and often buy new things.  After a while I get used to the changes and my visual filtering system just looks for things that are familiar again.  Hence, I don’t really “see” as keenly as I did when the changes were first implemented.

What do you “see” on a regular basis?  What are your views?  Out your windows?  At your desk?  From your bed?  On your way to work?  Are they inspiring, uplifting, invigorating, and vibrant?  If they are not, remember just because you don’t “see” what’s around you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you.

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3 responses to "The Importance of Views"
  1. katyallgeyer 15/03/2009 12:21 pm Reply

    You are so right on about “seeing” being a conscious choice we make. And moving things around, making changes, is integral to keeping ones feng shui fresh. See my post “About Face” on my blog for why we are sometimes afraid of change. BTW, we also share a love for TJ’s….after 16 years in LA I moved east and the nearest one is an hour and a half away from me. I need a TJ fix! I’m going to add you to my blogroll. Namaste, Katy

  2. Debbie Bourgois 06/11/2016 09:27 am Reply

    Currently, I have a few fall vignettes around my yard. We don’t have a lot of visitors at our home and my guys don’t care about it, so these scenes are just for me. I love seeing them as I come and go!

    • Catherine 06/11/2016 09:42 am Reply

      Views are important even if just for yourself! I hope you are doing well!

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