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My nieces and I see specific times (like 11:11) almost every day and we will text each other when we randomly see those special numbers. (True story: my niece text me 11:11 while I was working on this post!) The special numbers remind me of the connection of everything, including the world beyond earth. In reflecting, I check my thoughts in those moments, think of a loved one that has passed away, or offer gratitude.

Lately, I’ve been running across groundhogs. I never see them so it’s been noteable to see so many in such a short period of time. When I researched their symbolic Native American meaningI didn’t resonate with any of the material except I noticed the word shamanism and was intrigued.

Simultaneously, I’ve been interested in doing some advanced Human Design training since I’ve recently turned in my analyst certification requirements. One class in particular kept showing up for me. It’s called, “Empowering Your Inner Shaman.”  When I put together the groundhog message and being drawn to this class, it became very clear to me that signing up was in order. And the timing couldn’t have been better because the class size is limited and I squeaked in just in the nick of time!

As a side note, I was doing a coaching session with a client who had a significant deer encounter while we were talking. I took that as a “sign” and shared the Native American animal message. The symbolic message from deer is, “Deer …  so gentle and loving you are. The flower of kindness, an embrace from afar.” It was so profound and appropriate for that exact moment that I was moved to tears when sharing it.

How does the connection to everything in your life show up for you?