Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

Buying a home

Make sure the backyard does not slope away from the front yard, otherwise an adjustment to redirect chi is necessary.

Avoid purchasing a home that sits directly in front of a T-Junction.

Avoid purchasing a home that sits on property below grade to the main road (like a bowl). Not only will this create water drainage issues, chi tends to pool and become stagnant.

Make sure the home is not located near high tension wires and electrical sub stations. The intense amount of electro-magnetic energy radiating from these concentrated electrical sources have not been proven to be safe.

Choose a home with a visually strong front door. Homes with prominent garages at the front that compete visually with the mouth of chi (the front door) are not ideal.

Avoid these situations: front doors that align with back doors, steep staircases that align with entrance doors, sharp right angles that “point” at beds/sitting areas, and beams over beds.

Check to make sure all vegetation is healthy and vibrant, including the neighbor’s property. Also make sure the neighborhood takes pride in maintenance and in taking good care of their homes.

Lastly, educate yourself about the history of the home and its occupants.