Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

I love my office! As a solopreneur, it’s important I do because it’s where the magic happens. (If I may steal a phrase from MTV’s show Cribs!) There are several reasons this is so. Here are a  few:

  • My office chair is super comfortable.
  • My office walls are purple, one of my favorite colors!
  • I have a prominently displayed picture of myself when I was 7 years old that makes me smile.
  • There’s handmade art (by moi!) on the walls.
  • My screen saver on my laptop is the Dahlia Lama. He inspires me to work on compassion and patience.
  • The space is compact yet laid out very well.
  • I have a hand made fountain that my cat uses as a drinking bowl. That cracks me up!
  • The lighting is excellent.
  • My office contains only my favorite books.
  • It’s organized.
  • I’ve designated a “come to me $$$” power spot in the room.
  • There’s a lovely altar that contains my word for the day and intentions for myself.

As the only person responsible for generating income for my business, my office must be stellar. Is your office stellar and a place you love?