Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

Our inner world is reflected in our outer world. What we think and feel (conscious or not) and what we see and do becomes our reality. And we create our reality in our spaces and in our lives through these experiences whether we are aware or not.

I was reminded of this concept during a recent feng shui consultation. A client was very concerned about a personal family situation and wondered if feng shui would help this other person. In asking some very probing questions, I came to NO feng shui would not assist this other person. The external changes in the physical environment would definitely raise the vibration of that space, however, without a willing participant to make changes on the personal level, the higher vibration due to feng shui changes would likely be “pulled” back down.

Here’s another example. I know of an individual who has serious hoarding issues. Her very concerned friends decided among themselves to treat this individual to a spa day and clean up her house. The individual I’ll call Marianne, accepted the invitation for the spa day and reluctantly allowed her friends to clean up her house. The project took on a life of its own and after two dumpsters and thousands of dollars later; Marianne had a clean, beautiful home due to the efforts and generosity of her friends.

Well time passed, Marianne’s friendships dissolved and her home returned to its hoarded, blighted state. All the feng shui in the world wouldn’t be able to assist Marianne because she wasn’t ready to change. For Marianne, the higher vibration of her “new” home wasn’t incentive enough to make the kinds of changes that required her to live in this new way. In other words, her inner and outer feng shui weren’t harmonious and something had to give.

I’m not suggesting that feng shui changes in a space don’t create positive changes in our lives. They do, I experience and witness the positive effects all the time. What I am saying is that cultivating inner feng shui is essential to making change. With out doing so, all the outer efforts in the world are for naught.

So consider the importance of cultivating inner feng shui. It is the stuff of profound change and, in my opinion, the path to peace in the world. I’m committed and I ask that you be committed too.