Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

A common desire when working with clients often focuses on increasing prosperity, abundance and wealth. Who doesn’t want to live the good life without feeling overwhelmed and stressed? In our culture, instant satisfaction and results are the desired norm for many. In some cases, instant results are possible; however, the most stable things in life come through persistence, consistency and commitment. In other words, reaching our desires is a process.

 The representation for the wealth, abundance, and prosperity is “persistent wind.” As one of my teachers put it, “the slow, steady accumulation of precious resources and priceless blessings.” To feel truly abundant requires a consistent practice of being grateful and being thankful for all the abundance represented in our lives. The abundance of friends, family, time, pleasure, creativity, soul searching, knowledge, being of service, and of course, financial resources.

Gratitude is a natural state of prosperity consciousness. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to experience lack or limitation while being grateful. When we are appreciating all that we have in our lives, we are a magnet for even more! So, if you are like me, you’ll probably benefit by toning up the gratitude muscle through a consistent, ritualized practice. Here are some suggestions:

  • At the end of the day, record all the things that you’re grateful for in a special journal. By doing so, you’ll enter dream time from this expanded place.
  • Regularly offer smiles or other friendly gestures to those you encounter during your day, whether you know them or not.
  • Give of yourself and precious objects without attachment.
  • Focus your awareness on the upside of situations.
  • Be generous with your time, your special talents, your positive encouragement, and your creativity.
  • Most important, feel deserving of all the good things that you desire.

 May you have all you desire, readily, easily and joyfully! You deserve it.