Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

In feng shui, everything has a “vibe” that typically enhances or detracts from your well-being. That means you are influenced by the colors you choose, your furnishings, your photos, art, collections, and items stored in cupboards, drawers and closets. Everything in your home influences you in some way, even if you can’t see it! That means things in garages, basements, and attics also have an impact on you.

Many times I hear clients stating they feel stuck or unable to move forward with their goals and I often find their space is filled with stuck energy from unused items, crammed storage spaces, doors that won’t open fully, etc. There is a translation between the “vibe” in your space and what is happening in your life. (And of course, it’s not the only factor.)

During my work with a bioenergectic therapist, it became apparent I embodied a disconnection at my shoulders. In other words, there was a holding pattern at my shoulders that weakened my connection from my hands to my heart and my arms were literally weaker than other parts of my body. (It is still difficult for me to support my weight using only my arms.) When I learned of this, I had a profound moment. I had a flash of insight of my own art work and that of other artists I collected…….sculptures of figures with no arms! Once I realized this, it was very important for me to find new homes for these objects so I no longer held in place an old pattern of behavior that didn’t serve me. Make sense?

So, choose one of your goals and scrutinize your home with your goal in mind. Do your objects, furnishings, colors, etc. represent this new goal or does your space hold an old pattern in place? Does your space allow for new opportunities or is it stuffed to the brim? Are there open pathways, walkways, doorway and hallways? Do your doors open fulling to embrace the new? Is there enough stillness to really hear? These questions are to get you started. Come up with your own way to view your physical environment and make room for change.