Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

Follow these feng shui guidelines to make your space sparkle and sell quickly


  • Address stagnant chi. To get chiĀ  moving, clean thoroughly and purge things you haven’t used in a long time. Also, clean the windows and address negative views.
  • Make your front entrance sing. Use an eye catching color on the front door, make sure the address is clearly visible, add an inviting welcome mat, repair broken steps, trim landscaping paths.
  • Use color to direct the eye and accent key features, like a fireplace.
  • Make sure all doors open completely and aisles are clear with 36 inches being ideal.
  • Have a friend do a smell check.
  • Add plants in your space. Especially replace silk ones with the real thing.
  • Being the heart of the home, kitchens must be sparkling, organized, and attractive.
  • Enhance with strategically placed mirrors.
  • Place beds in the command position.
  • Perform a gratitude ceremony for your home and let it go to it’s new buyers.