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Lighting has an important function in feng shui.In addition to providing illumination, lightingprovides comfort, safety, mood, ambiance, and
can influence the chi quality. Poor lighteningdepletes personal chi and great lightening enhances it.

To enhance comfort choose reading lamps that properly align at eye level while seated. Ideally your space is flooded with plenty of natural light and enhanced with task lighting. In kitchens, ensure there’s adequate lighting over the sink, work surfaces, burners, and eating areas.

To enhance safety consider lighting paths, walkways, and steps that work with timers. In addition to reducing accidents, landscape and outdoor lighting can add a feeling of welcome and warmth to your home or business (and it’s good advertising!). Use timers on select lamps to avoid entering a dark

To enhance health minimize or eliminate long hours under florescent lighting. Studies are pointing out the negative effects of extensive use of florescent lights. Consider using full spectrum bulbs as they
mimic natural sunlight and addresses spaces that are sunlight deficient. Also, color and skin tones look
better when using full spectrum lighting.

For ambiance, nothing beats the soft glow of candles or the beautiful patterns of objects lit from below.Experiment with canister lights under plants in the corners of rooms. This not only perks up stagnate energy that ‘collects’ in corners, but also casts interesting shadows on walls and ceilings. And don’t forget the power of a dimmer switch to create a soft, special mood in any room.I encourage you to take an inventory of the lighting in your home or office. Make sure it is comfortable for your eyes, suites the task at hand, encourages an atmosphere of safety, promotes health and well-being, and sets the stage for beautiful ambiance. The chi of your home and your body will thank you for it!