Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

After a long Michigan winter I am bursting with excitement of spring’s arrival. I am grateful for the warmer temperatures, the longer hours of daylight, and increased days of sunshine. And I’ve taken advantage of spring’s natural state which is growth and upward movement. My exercise program is back in full swing, I’ve been clearing out some closets, files, drawers, cupboards, and have acted on the nudges to open up space. For example, my office has been in need of a “make over” and I tapped into my spring enthusiasm and recently tackled the project. I spend a great deal of time in my office so it was a priority to address it. And what a difference it has made! Not only have client consultations increased, I am more productive and noticed an increase in clarity.

So what is it about spring that is motivating? From a feng shui perspective, spring is the energy of the wood element. The energy of wood is dynamic. Picture a seed that’s “rested” all winter and pushes through the earth reaching for the sun, hence the characteristics of upward movement and growth. The element of wood is also associated with the direction of the east, that which is new. Think of the sun rising in the east breaking the horizon to mark the start of a new day filled with possibilities and opportunities

The wood element is:

• Blues and greens
• Trees, flowers, plants
• Cottons, linens, hemp
• Plaids, florals
• Columnar shapes

If you have projects around the house, in your life, and at the office that need attention, utilize the energy of wood and the season of spring to bring them to completion. Not only will you feel lighter, clearer and more alive, I guarantee the energy in your space will make a noticeable shift.