Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

WavesI see an abundance of posts about experiencing happiness. And while I don’t disagree that experiencing health, vitality and aliveness is important, happiness is just a spectrum on the emotional wave. About half of the population on the planet have emotional definition. That means we (yes, I’m emotionally defined) live on a continuous wave that has ebbs and flows just like the tides! Happiness exists at the high end of the wave. And at the low end of the wave is the exact opposite. These up and down emotional movements do not mean something is wrong with you or me. It’s just part of the emotional landscape. I can tell you, I sometimes feel crappy for no reason. Any by no reason, I mean I’ve cultivated a life with an amazing man, live in a vibrant community, and love the work I do with others. And yet, the lows can sometimes bring me to my knees. If I choose to just be in that space without trying to change it or identify why I feel that way, it doesn’t lead to depression. The truth is I learn a lot about myself and others in those spaces. I’ve discovered it is critical for me to not  identify or try to change where I am. Instead I often choose to surrender to the experience and take good care of myself. Here are some of the things I do to support being at the low end of the emotional wave:

  • I decline social invitations.
  • I record and watch shows like Ellen, The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, and the Late Show with Seth Meyers. Laughing is good medicine!
  • I visit websites with images and videos of baby animals.
  • I do my nurturing behaviors like get a massage, go for walks, read a good book, etc.
  • I stay away from sources of negativity, whether it’s the internet, television, people, and places. I just can’t handle it when I’m in a low space.
  • I listen to my favorite music.
  • I express my creativity through my  favorite hobbies like playing with the ArtRage app or inventing a new meal with items in the pantry.
  • I am mindful of whining and complaining. I’ve noticed these behaviors by me (and others) are very toxic.

What happens is I will move along my emotional wave back to my happy place. It’s important to remind myself I’m not really in charge of when that will happen.