Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

New homes today have beautiful high ceilings. For centuries, churches have been created with soaring ceilings. They are great for acoustics and for reaching the “heavens.”  Although lovely to look at, rooms with high ceilings for everyday living can be difficult for grounding. When we are not grounded, it may be challenging to be present, to feel stable and to be comfortable.

In feng shui there is a technique to assist with this dilemma. It’s called bridging heaven & earth. For rooms with extreme vertical chi (high ceilings), it’s important to add horizontal and/or downward chi.  For example, a living room with a 20′ ceiling can be lowered visually by creating a horizontal line around the room at standard ceiling height. This can be accomplished with crown molding or arranging art that takes the eye around the room in a horizontal fashion. Another option is to emphasize the ground level with rugs & lamps. Any decorating or architectural features that bring the eye down will work.

Take a look at this example of bridging heaven & earth for an outside deck. With the addition of the pergola (horizontal chi),  this seating area becomes cozy and inviting. In fact, these home owners actually started using this space more frequently.

If you have questions on how to bridge heaven and earth in your own space, I’d be more than happy to assist you. Ask away!