Creating Sanctuary : Passionate, Prosperous & Meaningful Living

This time of the year starts to get to me. Michigan winters where I live tend to be dreary and long. The nights are longer, the temperatures are colder, the skies are cloudier, and outdoor activities are minimized….all qualities of yin energy. As far as seasons go, winter is yin* as contrasted to summer which is yang.**

I experience this yin time of year as being less active, staying indoors more often, and doing quieter activities like reading, meditating and yoga. I definitely align with the season, however, I do feel a bit less motivated to get things done. To inspire me to be more motivated, I introduce more fire energy into our home. I relocate all my faceted cut crystals to catch the sunlight (fire energy) to reflect rainbows into various rooms. We have several lights on timers that bring more light (fire energy) into our space and yard. In addition, I regularly burn candles (also fire). Adding fire energy during winter, brings in much needed additional warmth and light.

If you are resonating with my experience of winter, I encourage you to invite more fire into your space. Fire is the red color spectrum, sunlight, lighting, candles, animals, animal fibers, animal prints, people and conical shapes. Be creative, inventive and playful! In the meantime, join me in counting down the days until spring!!!

* In feng shui, yin is defined as cold, dark, wet, still, ornate, soft, quiet, etc.

**Yang is defined as hot, bright, dry, active, simple, active, etc.