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Recently I attended a collage workshop in Northern Michigan. (see post dated May 29) The morning I was scheduled to leave, I received some very shocking news about someone dear to my husband and me. The news was so shocking, I had a very difficult time packing and pulling together the supplies I needed to bring. Once I got there and it was time to start working on our collages, I realized I didn’t bring the best assortment of images and materials. And like Tim Gunn of Project Runways says, “make it work”, I did just that.

As I went through the photos I brought, I was inspired to use the heads of my pets. As soon as I laid their heads on my project, I started laughing. And laughing is what I really needed to do. Even though I was sad, I could still find joy….I was amazed. And, the laughing opened up a “channel” for me to be more creative than I otherwise might have been.

In my own experience I have found that laughing is very healing. I am blessed to be part of a family that loves to laugh and be silly. A truly blessed day is when I laugh at least once….which is almost every day. I recommend a regular dose of laughter to brighten your day and work those ab muscles!

By the way, here’s one of my finished collages from the workshop. Have a laugh on me!

Checking Pee-Mail

Checking Pee-Mail