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Always Smiling

Always Smiling

I was chatting with my sister about her dog Millie. The occasion was prompted by our discussion about Ginger, my brother’s dog who is ill .We both felt very sad about Ginger’s ill health especially knowing that her death will be very hard for our young nieces who are a part of Ginger’s family.

Millie is even older than Ginger and has slowed down a lot. I see Millie about once or twice a year as she gets boarded when my sister travels to Michigan. When I saw her last Thanksgiving, I noticed how much she had aged. And I when I think about both dogs leaving the planet in the relative near future, I feel sad…..I just love them.

Millie is the best example of joy that I know and have experienced. She gets up in the morning and feels joy about eating her dog food. She doesn’t get around like she used to yet she exudes excitement to go for a walk. Leave for 10 minutes, Millie greets you like you’re her long lost friend after years of separation. Scratch Millie in her special spot and she wiggles with delight.

Joy, delight, and enthusiasm are all words I’d use to describe Millie. What is remarkable is the consistency she demonstrates these behaviors. Can you even imagine the kind of world we’d live in if we all demonstrated joy and enthusiasm in everything we do? And yet Millie does it every day. Just thinking about her makes me smile and fills me with joy. What a gift….no wonder dog is god spelled backwards!