Cultivating Joy Continued

The Joy of Lounging

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about other experiences that brings joy alive for me and I felt inspired to share more examples. Here they are:

  • Going to the mail box and finding a surprise card, note or package
  • The smell of lilacs and summer rain
  • Watching my dog’s tail move around in circles when he’s excited
  • Chatting with my sisters online who live out of state
  • Having a giggle fest with my friend Mary Beth
  • Taking a leisurely walk in the neighborhood
  • Listening to my cats when they purr
  • Sitting on the sand dunes overlooking Lake Michigan
  • Hosting dinner parties for dear friends
  • Summer boating on Lake St. Clair
  • Working with clients

I’ve come to really relish the simple things in life. And most of the things that are joyful to me are free…ain’t that grand?!!!

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2 responses to "Cultivating Joy Continued"
  1. wendysalter 04/06/2008 13:34 pm Reply

    Yes, me too.
    Fresh veg from the garden, 2 minutes old when eaten. Sunshine through new leaves, the sound of rain outside, and the sound of logs burning in my hearth. texts and emails, letters and chance meetings. watching my budgie talk in his sleep. hugs and kisses with my grandkids. holding my Mums hand to help her walk. and so much more that’s free.

  2. catherinehilker 04/06/2008 14:16 pm Reply

    You’ve inspired me to add to my list…thanks!

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