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The Joy of Lounging

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about other experiences that brings joy alive for me and I felt inspired to share more examples. Here they are:

  • Going to the mail box and finding a surprise card, note or package
  • The smell of lilacs and summer rain
  • Watching my dog’s tail move around in circles when he’s excited
  • Chatting with my sisters online who live out of state
  • Having a giggle fest with my friend Mary Beth
  • Taking a leisurely walk in the neighborhood
  • Listening to my cats when they purr
  • Sitting on the sand dunes overlooking Lake Michigan
  • Hosting dinner parties for dear friends
  • Summer boating on Lake St. Clair
  • Working with clients

I’ve come to really relish the simple things in life. And most of the things that are joyful to me are free…ain’t that grand?!!!