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I had the good fortune to be a guest on Lisa J. Smith’s radio show again this week.  As many of you may know, I love the internet as evidenced by this blog, myspace, facebook, LinkedIn, Shelfari, etc!  I mention this because that’s how I met Lisa…through the internet on myspace and we hit it off immediately.

Lisa is another one of my friends who took a leap and made huge changes in her life.  Changes that were heart wrenching and difficult.  I am inspired by people who are willing to listen to their inner whispers (or shouts for that matter!) and act upon them.  And we all hear those inner whispers that nudge us in directions that we may not want to take.  I know I’ve had them…..

Why are some people able to make difficult changes that are usually unsupported and unpopular?  Courage for sure, however, I believe it’s also about the ability to trust and surrender to something beyond ourselves.  Is there fear?  Usually yes, yet the ability to trust and surrender is greater than the fear.

Live on

How does one cultivate trust and surrender? Is the ability to surrender and trust what you have or who you are?  Can we trust when we’ve been deeply hurt in life? Can we let go of control and surrender?

For me, cultivating the ability to trust and surrender has been a journey and by the looks of things will continue to be so….ugh!!!!