Your Home Has A Personality??!!

Numerology is an ancient system pertaining to the symbolism of numbers. It’s possible to reduce a  name, address, birthday, etc.  to a single digit to understand it’s underlying mathematical structure.

One aspect of my work with clients is to look for the symbolism in their address. To get a single digit just add all the numbers in an address together.  For example, 23340 Maple Lane becomes 2+3+3+4+0=12  1+2=3  This means the address for 23340 becomes the number 3.

Here’s the general meaning of each number:

One: I Am, The Yang

Independence, new beginnings, oneness with life, self development, individuality, creativity, originalality, aggressiveness, pioneering, leadership

Challenge: isolation.

Two: Duo/Pairs

Balance of yin and yang, adaptable, tactful, understanding, gentle, cautious, knowledge from balance, marriage of opposites

Challenge: over sensitivity, being too self contained

Three:  Trinity

Mind/Body/Spirit, expansive, expressive, communicative, fun, openness, optimism, creativity, social, dramatic

Challenge: Feeling overwhelmed , spreading self too thin, buy now pay later mentality

Four: Stability

Secure, organized, productive, practical, endurance, discipline, wholeness, unity

Challenge: too focused on work, hoarding, stubbornness

Five: Freedom

Active, impulsive, vitality, adventurous, versatile, resourceful, adaptable, excitement, change

Challenge: tendency toward snap decisions, life is a whirlwind

Six:  Conscientious

Service, love, compassion, family & social responsibility, healing, generous, caring, counseling

Challenge: give too much, reclusive

Seven: Seeks Answers

Contemplation, quietness, introspection, intuitive, mystical, analytical, ritual, philosophical

Challenge:  tendency toward being alone and/or aloof

Eight:  Willing to Assume Power

Responsibility, abundance, prosperity, authority, leadership, good judgment, recognition

Challenge:  abundance issues

Nine:  Selflessness

Tolerance, wisdom, humanitarian, love, universal compassion, patience, world service

Challenge: To overly focus on the big picture and neglect the needs of the individual

Sources:  Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane & Dusty Bunker

Sacred Space, Clearing And Enhancing the Energy of Your Home by Denise Linn


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