Who Are You?


“Who are you?” I was struck by this question from the perspective of how I usually define myself. I often tell people I’m a feng shui expert, a life coach, an artist, etc. which tells people what I do. It really doesn’t say who I am.

Then I began wondering how do I answer that question without using references outside of myself. For example, instead of saying I am an artist, I might say I am creative with shapes, colors, and composition. Instead of saying I am a feng shui expert, I might say I am skilled at sensing energy, knowledgeable about models, and good at suggesting practical solutions . Instead of saying I am a life coach, I might say I am intuitive and a creative problem solver.

I could take this even further and answer the Who Are You question with I am statements. For example, I might say I am creative, I am intelligent, I am knowledgeable, I am kind, I am crabby (sometimes!!), etc. I could go even further and say I am harmony, I am peace, I am inspiration.

What I noticed in this little exercise is that I started out identifying myself as an individual and moved to the qualities of unity. And imagine what I could become “claiming” the qualities of unity as mine on a regular basis. Hmmm….some food for thought!

So, I ask you “Who Are You?”


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  1. Julie Molner 16/06/2008 08:11 am Reply

    Thanks for your post about our conversation. It sounds like you had an intesting time with the question, “Who are you?” Initially it seems to have a simple answer and yet as we reflect on it as you did, we learn there’s much more!


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