Wake Up Your Space Exercise

Because everything in our space impacts our health and well being, it is important to live with what you love. Here’s a simple exercise that my friend and colleague, Susan Haifleigh, introduced to me. This exercise will assist you in focusing where adjustments in your home and work space become apparent.
Pick a room that is used often by you and/or your family. Use three different color post it notes to identify:
  • things you love/like
  • things that are okay
  • things you hate/don’t like
Use the post it notes on everything in the room, like wall color, furnishings, objects, materials, etc.
When you’ve finished, you’ll identify the things you need to purge, change, or address in your space to rid it of Sha and Si chi. Sha chi, sometimes referred to as killing or attacking chi, is extremely yang and can add aggressive energy to a space. Si chi, also known as decaying chi, is extremely yin and adds stagnant, lifeless energy in your space. Both are detrimental to health and well being.
Things you’ve identified as okay and livable but not necessarily what you love, may also need to be addressed. This is especially true for rooms where you spend a great deal of time.
Living with what you love generates Shen Chi, uplifting energy that is beneficial to your health and well being. The goal is to live with an abundance of Shen Chi. Make sure your space nourishes your senses and supports your need to rejuvenate to be your best in the world!
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