Using Feng Shui For Motivation



How does one “get in the mood” to clear out all of the crap you don’t need or want anymore?


This is a great question and a common dilemma. When you have an abundance of things you don’t need or want, chi becomes extremely yin or stagnant. Bringing in healthy doses of yang chi into your space is helpful. Yang elements are bright, loud, high, masculine, shiny, smooth, hard, etc. Here are some examples:

  • Bring in extra light by opening all the windows & blinds, turning on all the lights, and even bringing in more lamps.
  • Put on your favorite lively music and crank it up.
  • Remove excess elements of earth. Earth is square and rectangle shapes, pottery, ceramic, very heavy objects, earth tones, tile, and brick. Think soil (not plants) and anything made out of the earth (not rocks). More here: Earth Element 
  • Turn on fans to circulate air.
  • Invite friends over for a purge party and provide a lovely meal afterward.

Spend a few minutes considering things you can do or add to your space that  pump you up.  Please share in the comments what you tried and what worked for you!

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