Urge to Purge Stuff

One of the most beneficial things to do in feng shui is to purge household items that aren’t used and are not loved.  (This applies to offices and workspaces too.)  The reason is simple, things that we don’t use and things that we don’t love create energy blocks.  Clutter creates stuck energy and stuck energy will somehow show up in our personal lives.

Spring is the ideal time to purge.  There is more daylight, leaves begin to bud, flowers and shrubs begin to grow, etc.  The energy of spring is about movement after a season of  “quiet.”  Tapping into spring’s natural pattern of movement can assist in tackling a particularly distasteful project, like addressing decisions that have been postponed and have created clutter in your closets, cupboards, basement, garage, attic, drawers, shelves, etc.

If there you’re feeling an urge to purge, then harness the energy of spring and get on it!  You will be freer, your space will feel lighter, and your life will improve….I guarantee it!

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One response to "Urge to Purge Stuff"
  1. Kimberly 14/06/2009 20:37 pm Reply

    i had to stop myself from decluttering my mom’s entire house while babysitting her dog for a week lest i offend her! I did a little work on the great room and kitchen because i spent most of my time in there and i needed to reclaim the emotional peace & calm in my environment! After she returned, she liked what i did. Two days later, she announced that she couldn’t stand the clutter in her bedroom any longer!!! hahaha!!

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