The Work by Byron Katie

I’ve recently had the good fortune to attend a local Byron Katie workshop. She is famous for her process  called The Work She is a gifted woman and has had her own major struggles in life. She created The Work because of those struggles.

At the workshop, we had an opportunity to experience her working with several audience members that volunteered to let her take them through the process. Here are some points that really struck me.

  • Suffering is created by being at war with reality and denial is the underworld.
  • When experiencing negative thoughts, ask yourself  “is this thought a vote for peace or a vote for the opposite?”  Whatever you choose, it will play out.
  • We have a choice to either believe our thoughts or (she suggests) question all of them.  “Can I know this thought is 100% true?”
  • By finding the beauty in all things, we can minimize or even eliminate suffering.

Her Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet in The Work process is the beginning of understanding ourselves at a very deep level. It’s a thought provoking way to look at things…


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4 responses to "The Work by Byron Katie"
  1. lgiessinger 06/05/2009 16:05 pm Reply

    this video is one of my favorites of hers. thanks for sharing.

  2. catherinehilker 06/05/2009 16:41 pm Reply

    You’re welcome!

  3. Gwen 14/06/2009 20:32 pm Reply

    Just got an order of books in on her……..”what would you be without your story” Sounds like an Abraham-Hicks book. LOL

  4. Susan 14/06/2009 20:33 pm Reply

    “Is that true”? I love her work! It’s awesome… Happy Saturday girlfriend!

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