Feng Shui & Space Clearing Testimonial

“If you are frustrated or disappointed with aspects of your personal or professional life, applying the principles of feng shui can create positive change for you. I highly recommend Catherine Hilker as the person who can help. She has used her extensive skills as a feng shui practitioner to create positive energy and change in my life.

Most recently, Catherine suggested a series of feng shui adjustments for my home office that have resulted in enhanced business opportunities. You may be thinking that this was coincidence but it wasn’t. And now that I know about Catherine’s feng shui talents, frankly I’m not willing to leave my success to chance anymore. Are you?”

Karen Batchelor
Living Large with Less


“Feng Shui! What the heck is that? We could hear the buzzing in the heads of our employees as they listened to Catherine talk about her passion. We watched them carefully as they listened, asked questions and changed their minds. Before we knew it, everyone was on the band wagon. When we worked with Catherine on our offices (we’ve now done two!), we didn’t see any raised eyebrows. What’s happened since then? We’re just about to complete a half million dollar project, have happier employees and feel more relaxed in our environment. We’d recommend Catherine Hilker and Creating Sanctuary, at the drop of a hat!”

Bill and Judy Crookes
Henry Dreyfuss Associates, Ann Arbor, MI



“The services of Catherine Hilker have been very helpful in the development of my new Condominium project, The Fifth Royal Oak, an 18 story residential condominium building located in the heart of downtown Royal Oak. Catherine and I started clearing the site from any negative energy. After this way done we worked extensively in the positioning of the interiors with the goal of creating an environment to please and renew my resident’s spirits! She completely understands my concept of living environments which is to develop long term stress free elements and free flowing spaces. Additionally, Catherine has been very helpful in clearing spaces on request. She is always respectful of people’s environments and beliefs. I think that Catherine is a gifted person who not only works hard, is punctual and respectful, but also that we are a little bit better off when she leaves because she is always in tune with her surroundings and helps others see ways to improve the balance. I am very grateful, honored, and feel it a privilege to be working with her.”

Jack Hanna
President, The Fifth Royal Oak


“Catherine Hilker exudes a wonderfully peaceful, calming presence. When she is there, the atmosphere of the space seems to become willing to change according to her direction. It’s as if the energy is drawn to her and wants to cooperate! As a professional organizer, I often use Catherine’s teachings in helping clients to clear out clutter and arrange their space for optimum efficiency, and I refer clients to her for in-depth analysis of their homes and offices. Catherine’s suggestions have brought positive change to my life and to those to whom I’ve recommended her services.”

Debbie Stanley
Thoughts In Order Counseling and Consulting


Life Coaching Testimonials

“Catherine is great at dealing with your soul. She has a number of tried and true techniques, she asks penetrating and thought provoking questions and most importantly she listens. I appreciate the way she challenges me to go deeper and doesn’t let me off the hook. If you plan on doing some “self work” you had better plan on calling Catherine!”

Terry Bean
Chief Networking Officer of Networked Inc.


“I approached coaching with an open heart and I was very surprised to find some deep places within that were just waiting to be softly brought to life. Catherine’s skills and delight helped me feel more confidant about myself and helped me open to a whole new self. She helped me stand in this place of finding my own truth and this ignited a deep passion for life once again. I truly recommend Catherine Hilker to anyone who is ready to live and extraordinary life.”

Sollena Morginn
Boston, MA


“Catherine helped me create a daily routine that helps me be present and function at my true potential and trust. She gave me tools to improve and set realistic goals. Catherine opened for me a door to my most wonderful dreams and adventures. She is a wonderful and compassionate coach – her talent unleashed my true self.”

Cristina van Bladel
Dobbs Ferry, NY


“Working with Catherine as my life coach has been a transforming experience for me. Just when you think you have yourself all figured out, she has the remarkable ability to help you see the truth in a pure and powerful new way. Her comments and questions are designed for the sole purpose of self discovery. All I can say is, don’t hesitate. The work is worth it and your spirit and desires will thank you for it.”

Robin Hatt
Sterling Heights, MI


“The Life Coaching Program designed by Catherine Hilker opened doors to me that I wasn’t sure how to open.  It was a new and overwhelming experience, yet a wonderful one.  One of the significant patterns I have noticed during the class was my fascination with how each session was stronger then the one before.  That was because even though each session covered a different aspect of life, all of them were necessary for the completeness of my journey.

When I started the program I felt confused, stuck and empty.  In my search for uniqueness and satisfaction I have found myself in the middle of something and nothing.  It is the thing people refer to as “limbo”.  I was in this mode until I started working with Catherine on this issue.  From day one I started feeling a difference.  I couldn’t explain it at the time, but I kept going.  Catherine was able to direct me to where I wanted to go, so I didn’t feel like someone was telling me what to do with my life, rather someone making sure I choose what to do.  This isn’t where it all ended.  Through this program, Catherine guided me in finding my strengths and using them to my benefit.  One of the things I learned was the  importance of steps and the art of starting small to become big.


The Life Coaching Program has a unique structure, but what each person gets out of it is different.  Even though I have completed the program, the materials we covered and my notes are still available to me and I refer to them every now and then.  It is amazing how every time I go over them I find something that takes me deeper.  That is because I know I am constantly growing and moving forward.

Today, as I write this, I see myself standing in the wind strong enough not to get blown away and flexible enough not to be broken.  Starting and completing the life coaching program with Catherine Hilker is one of the best decisions I have made in my search for uniqueness and satisfaction.  I am unique and I am satisfied with who I am, today.


For that, I thank you, Catherine.”

B. Gina Dimovski
Chicago, IL