Teachers And Mentors In My Life


One of the themes in my life based on my Human Design is the richness that comes from my focus on gratitude and dedication. As I reflected on these words, I was reminded of  the many teachers and mentors who assisted me in growing and learning. These are a few of them:

Jeff Moskow: The controller of the department where I worked at ADT Security Systems. He encouraged me to take advantage of the tuition reimbursement program and was instrumental in all my promotions. I started out as a typist and ended up a Sr. Financial Analyst. In addition, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Business & Administration.

Fr. Lovey: A Jesuit priest at the University of Detroit who prepared me for the sudden, unexpected death of my father when I was 26. His class called Aging, Illness, Death, Dying and Beyond laid the ground work for my deep loss and profound grieving process.

Reggie Linebarger: My District Finance Manager at Digital Equipment who opened my eyes to racial stereotypes and pushed me to do my best. His no nonsense approach kept me on my toes.

Dan Glisky: My Sales Manager at Digital Equipment who saw the potential in me and supported my move from finance to sales through Digital’s retraining program.

Kathryn MacKenzie: A friend I met selling my fiber art at fairs throughout the Midwest. She introduced me to the metaphysical world and taught me to hone my subtle energy sensing skills. We traveled regularly to Ashland, Oregon for meditation seminars during the late 1990s.

Terah Kathryn Collins, Becky Iott, Karen Carrrasco: the lovely and talented ladies at the Western School of Feng Shui.™

Denise Linn: My introduction to creating sacred space by incorporating indigenous principles in my work. Her Interior Alignment® practitioners course, Master Teacher of Interior Alignment® and Master Educator of Interior Alignment® training was life changing.

Gail Straub and David Gershon: Founders of the Empowerment Institute and salt of the earth people who taught me a thing or two about really being empowered.

Nancy Emmert: A local friend and meditation buddy who turned me on to the Human Design body of work. I’m currently deep into studying this powerful modality.

Each in their own way stretched me, encouraged me, and challenged me to be my best. To each of them, I am deeply grateful.

What kind of list would you create?


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