Tapping Into Joy


“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” -Joseph Campbell

I’m finding myself experiencing moments of pure joy on a regular basis. I don’t have a formula for it, it just seems to happen. That doesn’t mean all the focused work I’ve done on growing, stretching, and changing hasn’t contributed…of course it has. Another reason for more joy in my life is the discovery of a potent system called Human Design. Using my Human Design strategy and authority has produced flow in my life like nothing else. In addition, avoiding sources of negativity which comes from news, media, movies, books, and even people, is a conscious strategy for me. I’m crystal clear I’m way too sensitive to be plugged into negativity.

My sources of joy are cultivated by spending time with family and dear friends, connecting to nature, taking really good care of myself, mastering the ability to say no, riding my bike, kayaking, cooking and most important: laughing. (An occasional nap in the middle of a work day is a bonus!) For me, a little bit goes a long way. And guess what? I deserve it and so do you.

Where do you find your joy?

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2 responses to "Tapping Into Joy"
  1. Pat Williams 24/04/2013 11:47 am Reply

    Catherine – since you discussed my Human Design with me, I think of your points almost daily and – yes – the knowledge you shared that I am built a particular way has freed me up to discover the joy in those things that I used to fight against. Thank you!

  2. Catherine 24/04/2013 17:07 pm Reply

    Good to hear! I appreciate you sharing your experience with me. xo

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