Staying In Gratitute When Shit Hits The Fan

I live in the Detroit, Michigan area.  This area has been experiencing economic stress for at least a  couple years now.  In addition, the recent auto industry financial crisis has shaken most residents of this area to their core.  If the domestic auto industry fails, the truth is it will likely take Detroit down with it…. and who knows the greater impact that will have on the country as a whole.  And at the moment, I know of five individuals in my immediately family alone who have lost their jobs (my husband is one of them), or is on indefinite lay off, or has seen the writing on the wall and have taken buy outs.  I’ve really had to up my self care practices so as to not getting sucked into the quagmire of fear. Here’s what has helped me:

  • I avoid the news to disconnect from collective fear. It’s really easy to know what’s going on anyway.
  • We’ve created a personal sanctuary in our home and by doing so have a space that provides a respite, a source of rejuvenation and renewal to be our best.
  • I’ve been focusing on being grateful for all the amazing things in my life.
  • I created a special spot in my office to remind me to surrender and trust.
  • I’ve reached out to my immense support team….my family, my friends, my neighbors,  my Interior Alignment™ community, my amazing teachers .  I can’t begin to tell you how loved I feel by all of them.
  • To stay centered and calm, I’ve used these techniques from a previous post and continue to exercise regularly.  I’ve also watched my intake of any source of sugar as it can cause emotional mood swings.
  • Often, I’ll make a point to spend some time in nature….even a walk in the local park.
  • On a regular basis, I make connection with my giggle peeps.  I am fortunate to have a handful people in my life that make me laugh…they are a godsend!

These are just a few examples that have made a huge difference for me.  And did I mention I focus on being grateful for all the things that are amazing in my life?!  I just can’t stress that one enough!

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5 responses to "Staying In Gratitute When Shit Hits The Fan"
  1. Ken K 15/01/2009 01:49 am Reply

    Nice blog Catherine. Good thoughts lend to good things. Despite circumstances, we control our happiness. In some ways, this situation is like a “cleansing” to us all. It’s been coming for a while. Sorry to hear about the effects on your family – the auto execs had a lot of gall taking private jets to the congressional hearings for bailout. There is a lot they could’ve done on their end to lessen this crisis – but chose not to. My prayers are for positive things in your life!
    ps. “staying in gratitude”, no?

  2. catherinehilker 15/01/2009 07:40 am Reply

    Thanks Ken for your support.

  3. serendipity hopeful 17/01/2009 06:40 am Reply

    Catherine, I hope Detroit weather is better. Hope you are keeping yourself warm against the bad weather.

    You can count on me to want to share your concerns.

  4. Kathleen Tumpane 21/01/2009 14:19 pm Reply

    You’re an inspiration. Thanks for sharing this via link to our group!

  5. serendipity hopeful 23/01/2009 05:32 am Reply


    Seeking your prayer for someone in real need of it.

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