The psychic, Edgar Cayce, famous for his intuitive studies during the earlier half of the 20th century, predicted that sound would become the medicine of the future. Sound healing, is in fact, becoming an important component in alternative healing modalities. Drumming circles, chanting concerts, toning sessions, as well as singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, etc. have all become increasingly popular. The reason is clearly because one feels good in the presence of harmonious sounds.

This installment of ch’i enhancers is related to sound.

Sound makers, as they are called, can be, but are not limited to, wind chimes, hand chimes, gongs, bells, and musical instruments of all kinds. Pleasing sounds ‘call in’ vital ch’i and uplift. Sound makers can draw attention to a specific bagua enhancement or lift the energy in a general way. The most important factor in using sound makers, as an enhancement, is that it passes your “I love it” test, otherwise a sound maker can have the exact opposite affect.

Pleasing sounds can stimulate stale or stagnant energy. In addition, harmonious sounds can produce a calming effect when life brings stress and tension. Sound makers can be used to activate energy, to adjust fast moving energy, to alert attention (as on a door), or to bring peace and calm to a space. When using sound makers, consider what you want to accomplish.

To activate ch’i in a stagnant area, consider sounds that are continuous. For example you may choose a water fountain with a constant flow or a set of chimes activated by a small fan. A popular location to call in vital energy is near the front door which is also referred to as the mouth of ch’i. Not only will you stimulate the energy at your entrance, your guests will be greeted with a pleasing sound.

To reduce fast moving ch’i, consider sounds that ‘capture’ fast moving energy and disperse it. For example, if you live on a busy road, consider installing a couple of outdoor chimes. The fast moving ch’i created by the traffic, can be ‘captured & dispersed’ by the hanging chimes.

In urban areas, pleasing sound makers become even more important. Often, our senses are bombarded with ‘noise pollution’ that stresses and taxes the physical body. In this situation, recreating nature sounds may be appropriate.

Take a few moments to think about the sounds that inspire you. Be creative in their use and what you desire to experience from them. Play and experiment with sound and begin to enhance your life today!

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