Mirror… Mirror on the wall
Mirrors are popular in feng shui because they are energetically active, mirrors ‘open up’ living and working spaces by bringing in more light, and they can direct the flow of ch’i. As interior designers know, mirrors visually expand a room. In addition, mirrors are used in feng shui to increase pleasant views, provide protection by reflecting what’s behind you, and to reroute ch’i.

Here are some suggestions for using mirrors in your home or business:

  • Use mirrors to open up small spaces that may feel claustrophobic, like a tiny entrance way.
  • Use mirrors at a workstation or desk when your back faces the door. Position the mirror so you can see behind you while seated.
  • Use mirrors to reflect pleasing views. For example, position a mirror that captures an outdoor garden and brings the garden ‘inside’.
  • Use mirrors to redirect the flow of ch’i. For example, redirect an unpleasant view or sharp architectural angle ‘shooting’ in your direction. Strategically place mirrors throughout the home to create a specific desired traffic pattern.

Here are some guidelines to use mirrors in optimal ways:

  • Mirrors are active and can be overly stimulating in bedrooms. If you sleep in a bedroom with a mirror, try covering it and notice if your sleep improves. Also, mirrors can be distracting in dining rooms.
  • Mirrors that are broken up (like wall tiles) can be unsettling to the nervous system. Large, clear mirrors are best.
  • Note the placement of your mirrors. Hanging mirrors across from each other can be disorienting. Also, mirrors ‘double’ whatever is in the room so take note what you choose to amplify.
  • Be sure to hang mirrors so that you can see your entire head. It can be disturbing to you, your family and your guests to view themselves with their heads cut off.

Mirrors can be an inexpensive and lively way to enhance your space. They open up small spaces, bring in more light, energetically liven things up and reroute the flow of ch’i. Be creative in their use and notice the difference they can make in your space.

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